Painting His Way Into the Industry: Ron Jones

How one man is making waves in the cycling world

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 12.57.18 AM.png

Known on Instagram as @notenoughswedes, Ron Jones is doing paint jobs for some of the biggest names in cycling right now. With clientele like Peter Sagan, Marcel Kittel and Alexander Gorgon, you know his designs are nothing short of amazing. He is a great designer and thinks out of the box for many of his projects, incorporating mythical creatures into his designs as well as using hyper cars for inspiration.

Jones drew inspiration from a McLaren P1 GTR track car to design a bike for popular rider, Kwanchai. Jones wanted to capture the speed of the car in the design of the bike, and did so by using an Audi Glut Orange with gold pearl paint, along with Piano Black and chrome to accent the edges. He used airbrushing and drop shadows to give the design depth and to further capture the ‘speed machine’ look and feel.Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 12.57.49 AM.png

The front end of Peter Sagan’s Specialized Venge can also be seen. This design includes an excellent amount of detail to the frame with rainbow colors and sparkling rainbow effect throughout the entire frame. Both men are pictured below in a one on one design session for Sagan’s bikes. Jones is stoked to be designing bikes for Sagan’s pro racing career and clearly has many ideas in mind.

Keep an eye out for current and upcoming Ron Jones designs.


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