Why the NBA isn’t REAL Basketball Anymore

Calling the NBA on their lack of basic rule enforcementScreen Shot 2017-06-08 at 11.35.43 AM.png

I consider myself a basketball fan. I grew up playing it, idolizing the hot players of the time, whether it be mid 2000’s Kobe or Miami heat days Lebron; Always trying to emulate they way they play the game. The creme of the crop, showcasing their talents for the whole world to see. As a kid I didn’t realize what was really going on. All I saw was these awesome athletic freaks going toe to toe. I didn’t see the extreme lack of effort. I didn’t see the shitty defense. I didn’t realize that virtually on every play a travel or a carry goes uncalled. This article will focus on the latter.

As I got older I started to realize the difference in the way the game was played between the college level and the NBA level. You watch a college game and for 40 minutes it’s constant effort and intensity. The rules of the game are enforced as the rule book states. It seems to be a much purer form of the way basketball was meant to be played.

I mean imagine if once you got to the MLB, now you have 4 strikes until you’re out. No. That would be crazy right? That’s not the way the game is played. So why then is it ok for Lebron James to take 6 steps on a drive to the basket? Tell me the logic behind preaching to kids non stop about fundamentals and the proper way to play the game, when the highest level of the game is played differently. Ok kids so 2+2=4 up until you graduate high school, and then after that 2+2=whatever the hell you want it to equal. No, A travel is a travel, A carry is a carry. These rules are consistent throughout, you don’t get to pick and choose what rules are going to be applied and which aren’t, because then where is the line drawn?

At what point do you step back and say ok this is too far, let’s actually enforce the rules the way they’re enforced at every other level of the sport. What’s it going to take? Pretty soon when someone shoots a two with their foot on the line, the refs will just say “meh I guess we’ll give him a 3 right?, it the NBA”. No, I don’t know when bending of the rules became a norm in the NBA but i hate it, a lot of people hate it. If a 10 year old kid can only take two steps after he picks the ball up, why can the best players in the world take as many as they want?


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