How Ocho Cinco Made Roger Goodell Cool for a Day

Chad Johnson continues to impact the NFL after retirement, as a consultantchad-ochocincoPhoto:

It’s virtually impossible to forget what Chad Johnson did in the NFL as one of the most prolific receivers in recent memory. He was a cornerstone for excellence for over 10 seasons as a professional, and his impact didn’t stop after retirement.

The colorful personality better known as Ocho Cinco has always been heard, whether his opinion was asked or not. This time around, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell actually chose Johnson to consult with regarding the celebration rule changes. This move proves to be smart by Goodell to get the player’s side of the story when it comes to what they like to do.

Celebrating is one of the greatest parts of watching the NFL, as it allows players to express their individuality in a game of so many rules. After the rules for celebrating were loosened, Goodell received his first piece of credit in what seems like forever. Celebrations like snow angels, group celebrations and using the ball as a prop will return to Sundays, and it will be glorious.

Go figure, the first sign of fun from Goodell has Ocho Cinco’s finger prints all over it.


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