3 Reasons Why AP Will Elevate the Saints in 2017

Breaking down the impact Adrian Peterson will have in New Orleans

ap.0Photo: @NFL twitter

The surprise signing of Adrian Peterson this offseason by the New Orleans Saints took the NFL by surprise. It’s hard to imagine the heights their offense can reach with one of the games top QBs and RBs in the same backfield. Here are 3 reasons why we believe AP will help the Saints dominate in 2017:

1. Benefitting From a Potent Passing Game

With the potent New Orleans Saints air attack they are ranked one of the best offenses in the league (5th in passing). With that being said they also have one of the worst rush attacks in the game (30th in rushing), running the ball only 37% of the time in 2016. This clearly puts a lot of stress on the arm of Drew Brees and on receivers like Mike Thomas, Willie Snead, Ted Ginn Jr., etc. With the addition of Adrian Peterson in the offseason this gives the Saints a better-rounded offensive look. This factor alone, makes the defense respect the New Orleans unestablished run game in the upcoming seasons.

2. Bringing Game Back to New Orleans

As the Saints are known as a pass-first team, they have not had a legitimate running back since 2009 with Reggie Bush in his prime. Bush was more of a receiving back coming in with: 2,000 yards receiving, and 11 receiving touchdowns leading into 2009. Along with him, they also had a great power back in the name of Deuce McAllister, running behind 232 pounds. As a result of this, the boys from the bayou brought back a championship the following year. Adrian Peterson brings: 13,500 yards, and more than 100 total touchdowns. AP can do it all, rushing and receiving giving him a two headed look coming out of the backfield. Currently with AP now on the roster for the black and gold, they look more and more like a championship caliber team than once thought.

3. Playing in a Fast Paced Offense

It’s no secret that New Orleans has a horrible defense, under many different coordinators (27th in 2016). This means the other team is putting up lots and lots of points that Drew and the boys have to keep playing catch up with. Giving a reason for their high tempo offense, trying to put up as many points as possible. With the number of extra plays they sneak in with this hurry up, could be more and more points with AP in the backfield.


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