The Case for Each Jets QB to Start in 2017

Breaking Down Why Each Jets QB Can Be Successful


Photo: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

OTAs are upon us once again and almost like clockwork, the question of who will be the New York Jets starting Quarterback comes to life once again.

This year is arguably the roughest crop any team has had to pick from in years. The media has absolutely thrashed the 3 QBs on the roster over their lack of skill and ability to lead an NFL team.

We are choosing to go about the competition differently here at Underdog Sports, however, by looking at the advantages each signal caller brings to the table. Here is the case to start each Jets QB next season:

  1. Josh McCown

The 37 year old veteran will be entering his 14th professional season in 2017 and offers veteran leadership to the Jets organization if he gets the nod. McCown has thrown for 14,242 yards and 79 touchdowns throughout his career, serving primarily as a stop gap quarterback from year to year with 8 different teams. We could see McCown find similar success to Ryan Fitzpatrick’s first season with the Jets in 2015, which led to 31 touchdowns to just 5 interceptions en route to a playoff berth.

Bottom Line: Going with McCown will give the Jets a veteran presence in the huddle with years of savvy play under his belt which can’t be measured. Whispers from the NYJ camp lead us to believe McCown is out in front of the QB competition currently.

2.  Christian Hackenberg

The 22 year old quarterback will be entering his 2nd NFL season in 2017 and offers high upside to the Jets organization if he gets the nod. Hackenberg was deactivated for 15 regular season games in 2016 and has yet to play a down as a professional. Many team officials believe the Jets attempted to redshirt him in his rookie season in order to fully prepare him for the mental and physical rigors of an NFL season. We could see Hackenberg win the job based on the potential he showed early in his football career as a 5 star QB coming out of high school.

Bottom Line: With no real playing experience, it’s hard to predict the way Hackenberg will react to the speed of the professional game, however he has an abundance of physical talent that could help him become a dominant QB by the end of the season.

3.  Bryce Petty

The 26 year old quarterback will be entering his 3rd NFL season in 2017 after being named the starter for the last 4 games of last season. Petty offers the Jets a solid, not flashy, passer who uses his mobility to keep plays alive. He posted a 4.87 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine while weighing 230 pounds. These type of measurable put Petty in a small category of quarterbacks who can use their legs to truly effect a game, in an Aaron Rodgers-like fashion.

Bottom Line: Petty played abysmal last season, mostly due to the horrendous offensive line and poor circumstances created by the coaching staff. However, his experience last season showed that he was willing to fight even when games were out of reach. He is an old school type player who will lay it all out on the field in order to compete, and the Jets may just call upon his brawn to lead them next season.

What are your thoughts on the NYJ QB completion? Which evaluations are right? Which are wrong? Let us hear what you have to say in the comments below.


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