New Duds: Who’s Better?

Breaking Down the Two Most Drastic Uniform Changes of 2017

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Photo: Nike Inc. / Los Angeles Rams Twitter

It seems that with each coming year, there is a team that rolls out a newly designed uniform, to reflect what they hope to be their turning season. Fans got spoiled this years as two teams applied sweeping changes. We are going to break down the good, the bad and the ugly of both new uniforms.

1.  Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions went with a full uniform redesign, consisting of new helmet, jersey and pant design. They elected to remove all black from their uniforms and even took the black trim off of their primary logo. This move was driven by the franchise leadership’s desire to return to their roots of Honolulu blue and silver as their only colors.

The entire staff at Underdog Sports absolutely loves the redesign and we feel the Lions now boast some of the nicest uniforms in the entire league. The old black striping and accents were tacky and stuck out as an outdated 2000’s style uniform. The Lions also announced the return of their Thanksgiving Day throwback uniforms and an all grey color rush, which will replace the all black color rush that was revealed but never worn last season. All in all, props to you Detroit, you finally have something to brag about.

2.  Los Angeles Rams

Go figure, only their second year in Los Angeles and the Rams make a bold move. While many LA fans were calling for the old royal blue and yellow uniforms to make a return, the leadership decided to turn the clock back even further on their look. The franchise chose to implement their navy blue and white uniforms from the ’60s Deacon Jones era. A surprise move to many because the rams had worn their royal blue throwbacks twice a year over the past few seasons.

Watching the Rams this season will be tough simply because the NFL’s uniform changing policy is so strict that it allowed the tweaking of helmets and pants, but not the jerseys for another year. This rule will result in the Rams wearing white horned helmets and white striped pants with their standard gold trim uniforms. It has been confirmed that the team will redesign it’s jerseys to match their new helmets and pants as soon as they are eligible. We are basing our praise on the hope that the complete uniform in the future will look as crisp as the helmets do now.

Moral of the Story: NFL, please change the uniform policy so we can see as much uniform variety as college football.


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